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In a class all its own, Royal Flora's endospore-forming bacteria sets it apart. Experience why it's the best probiotic on the market today.


Take 2 capsules 20-30 minutes before a meal or snack with 6-8 oz of juice or purified water.

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that offer numerous digestive health benefits to their host. Dietary probiotic supplements come in two primary categories: dairy-based and soil-based.

The Advantage of Soil-Based Probiotics

Our ancestors consumed vegetables picked straight from the fields, still flecked with microscopic soil. This soil contained beneficial bacteria that helped regulate the immune system, protecting the individual from bacterial and fungal overgrowth in the intestines. By reintroducing these soil-based organisms (SBOs) into our body, we increase the diversity of beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract. SBOs are linked to reductions in abdominal discomfort, bloating, nausea, flatulence, and constipation. Specific SBOs have also been shown to secrete proteins that activate the immune system and stimulate the production of white blood cells and antibodies.

Dairy-based bacteria struggle to make it through the hostile, acidic environment of the stomach, resulting in a significantly reduced number arriving in the small intestine. As a result, many dairy-based probiotic supplements rely on a high CFU (colony-forming units) count in an attempt to ensure that enough bacteria survive to be of any benefit to the host. On the other hand, soil-based organisms employ a survival strategy called endosperm formation. These hardier SBOs remain dormant and more protected from the harsh stomach environment, raising the likelihood of survival into the lower intestine. This process eliminates the need for any special protective coatings or manufacturing techniques.

Soil-based organisms also colonize the gut more effectively. Effective colonization means that the host can reduce probiotic dosage to ‘maintenance’ levels* much sooner without worrying that the health benefits of the probiotics will disappear, making them a better value overall.

Give your body what it needs and it will give you what you need: VIBRANT HEALTH!

  • Made up of an improved, more effective formula that remains faithful to Dr. Darrell Wolfe's original vision for the product

  • A live but dormant non-mutated, primary culture requiring no refrigeration

  • Crowds out pathogens and harmful bacteria while re-colonizing the good bacteria in your bowel to restore vital health

  • Assists in restoring the natural alkalinity of the blood by eliminating harmful acid wastes

  • Helps balance the hormonal system by stabilizing blood sugar and restoring glandular integrity

  • Stimulates the immune system to produce powerful immune chemicals

  • Oxygenates the bowel to create an environment wherein non-aerobic pathogens (i.e., candida and parasites) cannot thrive

*Maintenance dosages are approximately 1000 – 2000mg daily depending on individual eating and drinking habits.


  • L. Acidophilus

  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum

  • L. Rhamnosus

  • L. Lactis

  • L. Plantarum

  • L. Casei

  • B. Licheniformis

  • B. Subtilis

  • Soil Based Organisms

  • Humic/Fulvic Acids

  • Bilberry leaf

  • Ginger root/ rhizome

  • Milk Thistle seed

  • Cilantro leaf and hypromellos