RSG-4 Sweep Zapper

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A unique design and fantastic quality make this a great zapper!


A completely unique user-friendly design with 5 operation modes, including an auto-sweep frequency.

There are no other wires, boxes, or connectors. What you see in the picture is the entire zapper!

It's a great design that really has a good feel to it. The handholds are large diameter and the connecting wire is flexible and thick, with molded strain-reliefs on each handhold.

What's in the Box

  • Large Cotton Sleeves

  • Battery Removal Tool

  • Battery


  • 0 to +9 Volts DC Pulses

  • Automated pre-programmed 30KHz zapper sequence as recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark with 3 sessions of 7 minutes of zapping with 21 minutes of rest in between zapping sessions. Great for beginners.

  • Continuous-use modes at ~0.7kHz (728Hz), ~2kHz (2128Hz) and 30kHz for the more experienced user.

  • Sweep function - automatically cycles between 0.1KHz and 500KHz every 8 minutes

  • 2 LEDs to indicate mode/frequency selection and low battery

  • Stainless steel handholds for long-lasting durability

  • Sleek design for ultra portability

  • All electronics and battery are inside handholds

  • Operates on one standard 9 volt battery

  • Etched mode summary on handhold for easy reference