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Super Zappicator

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    Food Zappicator, per Dr. Clark's specs.

    Only compatible with the Auto-Zap 5.

    The great thing about the SuperZappicator is that it can safely help with challenges IN YOUR BODY, not only in food. The zapper current efficiently affects body areas with good blood flow, since it wakes up the white blood cells that circulate there. But what about areas with poor blood supply? Now, with the SuperZappicator, you have a tool for body areas with low or no blood flow. These include:

    • contents of the digestive tract

    • mucous surfaces of the lungs and nasal sinuses, where microbes breed

    • jawbones and teeth, which can harbor infections for years due to low blood flow

    With the combination of the Auto-Zap zapper and the new SuperZappicator you are equipped to tackle any cleanup job in the body. No diagnosis or tuning is required. And the application does not conflict with any other treatment you may wish to employ.

    HOW TO USE IT: Simply place the North pole face (smooth side) of the SuperZappicator on the area of concern, and start the zapper. Let it run for 30 minutes. Repeat as desired. The signal penetrates about 12 inches (30 cm). Typical applications will be 30 minutes, but it is safe for much longer use if you wish. Dr. Clark says a low frequency (1 – 3kHz) zapper is more effective with a zappicator than a 30 kHz unit.